Apr 11

Rajabasa, South Lampung - June 28, 2011. PT Supreme Energy Rajabasa (SERB) organized a socialization of 2x110 MW Power Plant Project for Rajabasa Community to answer questions & issues that had spread in the community of Rajabasa. This is the second major socialization held by SERB.

The purpose of this socialization was to open a dialogue / communication, and to provide balanced information to the public regarding the existence and benefits of geothermal projects, primarily on exploration activities that would be conducted near Rajabasa Mount.

Rajabasa Power Plant project is a National Project which is a part of the 10,000 MW Power Plant Acceleration Development Program Phase II based on Presidential Regulation No. 4 in 2010. This project was supervised and monitored by the Government through UKP4 (President Unit for Development Supervision and Control), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and also the Local Government.

Geothermal is different from a natural gas. Geothermal energy is associated with water, high temperatures and massive volcanic rocks; while natural gas is associated with oil / hydrocarbon, high pressure and its sedimentary rocks which are more diverse.

In general, the purposes of geothermal project developing are:

  • Establishing a reliable source of electricity, clean, sustainable and affordable, which is distributed through the grid
  • Reducing the impact of climate change
  • Replacing fossil energy resource and reducing dependence on fossil fuels that are not renewable (oil, natural gas and coal)
  • Ensuring power supply for a long period, and contributing to achieving Government’s targets in Electrical Acceleration Program Phase II.

While the benefits of Rajabasa geothermal project development are:

  • Providing power supplies in the South Lampung regency for a long period (about 50% meet the electricity demand in Lampung)
  • Ensuring high reliability of the power plant
  • Giving contributions to income improvement in South Lampung Regency Local Budget.
  • Increasing the regional development growth, particularly in South Lampung.
  • Enabling a possitive domino effect which is ranging from 2.07 (reference UI LPEM studies in MNL, 2006) with the presence of electrical industry. This means that any increase in electricity demand of Rp 1 will result in increased economic output (output economy) of Rp 2.07. While from investment sector, income multiplier in the electrical industry is 2.9: Any additional local salary of $ 1 will result in increased economic output of Rp 2.9
  • Giving a potential steady growth for industry and other economic activities by ensuring the availability of electrical energy
  • Running The Community Empowerment Program planned by the company
  • Ensuring employee absorption from local communities and providing opportunities for the local suppliers
  • Becoming environmentally friendly, and also reducing the impact of global warming
  • Not requiring a large area for geothermal activity (leaving no carboon foot print). Land acquisition will only be done on the strip areas that necessary.
  • Providing geothermal which is a renewable energy

Stages of geothermal project is preliminary survey, exploration, feasibility studies, exploitation phase, design , power plant construction, PLN transmission construction and the production phase. Each of these stages is a systematic process and requires a certain time, to obtain optimum results with minimum risk.

SERB is committed to conducting its activities with respect to Health, Safety and Environment protection, optimization of local content, and to implement the community empowerment program that focuses on the fields of education and health, infrastructure improvements and Economic Empowerment.

SERB wishes for a full support from Central Government, Local Government, the community and all related stakeholders to have a sense of belonging of this geothermal project and that, in the end, this project will succeed and become an icon of South Lampung community pride.