Mar 05

South Solok, West Sumatra - August 11, 2012. Governor of West Sumatra, Prof. H. Irwan Prayitno conducted a site visit to the drilling exploration site of Geothermal Power Plant 2 x 110 Mw at Liki Pinangawan Muaralaboh, South Solok which belongs to PT Supreme Energy Muara Laboh (SEML). The Governor was accompanied by the Regent of South Solok, H. Muzni Zakaria M.Eng along with his officials, and the Management Representatives of SEML Radikal Utama (Senior Vice President of Support & Services), Prijandaru Effendi (Vice President of Relations & SHE), Yulnofrins Napilus (Sr. Manager of Field Relations SEML), Ismoyo Argo (Head of Business Relations) and Bujang (Head of Field Representative SEML). Muara Laboh Power Plant Project is the National Project that was included into the Development of 10,000 MW Power Plant Acceleration Program Phase II base on regulation Perpres. No 4 of 2010 jo regulation no 48 of 2011.

The visit of Governor of West Sumatra was a form of support to SEML in building geothermal project plants in South Solok that will assist the government in supplying the electricity needs in West Sumatra, especially in the district of South Solok.

Vice President Relations & SHE of SEML, Prijandaru Effendi said : Full support and a sense of belonging of the Muara Laboh Geothermal Project either from the Central Government, Local Government, community and the entire stakeholder are very essential to geothermal projects in the region of Liki Pinangawan Muaralaboh and when it succeeds it an be an icon of South Solok community.

Liki Pinangawan Muaralaboh geothermal prospect is located at the foot of Mount Kerinci in the South Solok Regency, 150 km south east of Padang, capital city of West Sumatera Province. SEML has carried out the exploration program since 2010 and it has completed the Micro Earth Quake (MEQ), topographic surveys, civil engineering studies, and land acquisitions which are required for exploration.

Regarding the exploration activities development in Liki Pinangawan Muaralaboh, Prijandaru Effendi also explained that the civil construction for drilling exploration was commenced after the signing of the PPA on March 2, 2012 and on-going activities were the civil constructions at two well pads (Well pad Well pad A & B) which were targeted to be ready at the end of August 2012. In addition, the equipment for drilling exploration was under inspection, and in a mobilization stage. On the other hand the first well drilling exploration was scheduled to commence in September 2012.

The visit of West Sumatera Governor to Muara Laboh Power Plant ended with Ramadhan Iftaar handed computers aid from SEML to several school representatives showing a cooperation with the South Solok Government. In addition, in June 2012, SEML also participated in the community activities, Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran (MTQ) organized by the local government of South Solok Regency.

SEML is committed to conducting its activities considering the safety, health and environment preservation as well as implementing community development programs that focus on educational facilities, infrastructure development and economic empowerment by creating local jobs.